Welcome to Turkey Ridge Daylily Farm.
Like others in our lily club we started planting lilies as a hobby with a few plants and expanded to over 600 that we have now.
They come in a variety of sizes and a rainbow of colors to choose from. There are miniatures with blooms of 1", dwarfs of 2-3", and large blooms of 8". We also have spiders in a variety of colors and sizes.
You are invited to browse through our gardens at your leisure; we will be pleased to answer any questions. With the plants we have to offer it will be easy to fulfill your landscaping needs.
We also offer a large number of hostas and perennials. All plants are clearly labeled to make it easier for you. The only problem will be deciding the color and variety to choose. Your plants will be freshly dug as you choose them.
Our gardens are peaceful
and we have lots of accommodations for "visitors."

Open to the Public on Saturday & Sunday
Monday through Friday call for an appointment.

Check out our Plant List & photos:

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David & Shirley Halverson
2031 Vance Avenue
Marshalltown, Iowa 50158

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